This is the website of the Internationale Cyclemotor Event, organised every second weekend of September, from Stramproy in The Netherlands.

This is a two day event. On Saturday the run is exclusive for cycle motors built before 1956.

On Sunday the run is open for cycle motors and mopeds built before 1960.

The event is organized under the authority of the RijwielHulpmotorClub, the Dutch cycle motor club.


Stramproy is close to the Belgian border so we will also ride in Belgium. With regard to safety and due to the Belgian legislation it is obliged to wear a helmet during the ride.

For further info on the Program look on the pager “Program”.


The costs are further explained on the page “Sign up” . Every participant to the barbecue and/or breakfast is asked to sign up and pay in advance.

As soon as you’ve sign up you will receive a route description from the organisation.

Dutch Cyclemotor event



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